The best features a home can have are what?

I’ve done home tours. I saw the inside of my cousin’s original house when it was remodeled. It was so much more glamorous the second time around.I used to o rder home magazines to see the insides of houses. And you know what? I saw alot of great features in those houses. What kinda features do you think make a house grand or superb? I think a great house should have these features:

canopy bed

double sinks

double ovens



open  faucet

glass shower

jacuzzi tub

in door pool

glass door

dining room

two way stairs

10 bedrooms

10 bathrooms

gym in home

side door

front door

see through cabinets

mail slot

shelves built into wall

walk in closet

I’m sure there are plenty of more features to be named. If you think of any, let me know.


A Review of the HOt and Hotter Professionals Curling Iron- It doesn’t keep the curls!



I have been in search of a curling iron that can make my hair silky smooth

with a nice collection of curls.I want something defined and will show my

curls for who they are. Therefore, I used Hot and Hotter Professionals

electric curling iron and what did I get? Again, what did I get? I had small

curls, yet it reverted right back to the natural texture. I was thinking that

the word professionals in the title would make it work. I was driven by

this title.Well the title didn’t help this time!

    My curls fell out and there was much disorganization in my hair. It didn’t

say ceramic curling iron, It said electric curling iron. I’m going around asking

people what’s the best curling iron or flat iron. They say look for a ceramic


      The Hot and Hotter Professionals electric curling iron is not good for my

naturally coarse specific hair. So now, I will try something else and get back

to you. This was the same  curling iron I got from the beauty supply store too.

and two thumbs down to the curling iron! I didn’t like my curls falling out because

after that I didn’t know what to do with my hair. I need something stronger for my

afro textured hair. Any experiences with this brand? Feel free to share or comment

if you’d like. Thanks a bunch!

A trip to the hairstylist made my curls last longer!

part 2 Tamarva Butler . jpg

Curls! curls! curls! How did you get those curls? Well,
personally, I had to walk to get the curls I have. These
curls come from walking 25-30 minutes. I was looking at
Office depot for a computer charger. Their price was over
my budget. Therefore I went into the mall to look for
another computer charger. I discovered a fantastic salon
equipped with my needs.

I went in there and ask her if she would do my hair
since I didn’t spend the money on the computer charger.
She said she was done for the day. I could come tomorrow,
which was Friday!

I felt so refreshed! My hair had been so hard to deal
with.It was hard to curl, hard to pin down, hair to style
which I think is a result of the relaxer. I switched
relaxers and wasn’t consistent. My hair is too soft
so I won’t get anymore relaxers.

I went into the shop. The lady put some syntonics on my
hair. I felt the pores in my head open. My scalp felt
refreshed and hair too. This syntonics was something
only stylist can order! I wish I could purchase. Maybe
I should become a hairstylist one day and get the product.

She shampooed my hair. Then, she conditioned my hair
with a deep conditioner under the dryer. It gave my
hair some serious moisture that it needed so bad.
I have these coarse hair that lacks moisture. Now,
She dried my hair. Then she used these thermal curling

These curling irons left my hair with the best
silk, smooth shiny hair. It has been over 7 days
and my hair is still lasting. I roll it up and go
to bed. I wake up with these fancy curls that curve
to my face. It doesn’t look dry anymore! I love
what beauticians do. I want to learn how to train
my hair too. THat’s my testimony.
What were your experiences with

17 factors that cause hair dryness!


Why does the hair get dry? What are you doing to cause your
hair to be dry? I do have dry hair so I’m just starting
to use doo gro on my hair. I used to have dandruff,
but guess what? I haven’t seen any snowflakes in my
hair lately. (Snowflakes is another word I use
to represent dandruff.)
Check out the list of things that cause
dry hair.

1. Using harsh shampoos
2. Shampooing too often
3. Infrequent use of conditioners
4. Synthetic hair dyes
5. Harsh relaxers
6. Exposure to Isopropyl alcohol
7. Chlorine
8. Washing with hot water
9. Overuse of blow drying or curling iron
10. Too much exposure to the sun and wind

Internal factors that causes dry hair is:

1. Diet
2. Cancer treatment
3. Certain medications
4. Prolonged illness
5. Prolonged dehydration

Now you have the problem, work on the solution. There are
many ways to deal with hair. Just make sure that
you don’t do it the wrong way if you don’t want
to see the wrong result. Dryness is an irritation.
Dry hair, dry skin is all an irritation and
can be very uncomfortable. Though the key sentence
is “What are you going to do about it?’ Have you made
any of the mistakes above? If so, I’m glad to
inform you.

The 4 types of curls you can get with curling irons!

1980 "Black Barbie" repro Steffie in SiS #2

What’s better than curls to get your hair attention? In
my opinion, curls top all hairstyles. Curls go straight
to number one and keep the number one spot.Do you curl
your own hair? Do you have a professional do it? It’s
all up to your capabilities and wants! Curls get me in the
mood to dance and dress up. It doesn’t have to be a
special occasion for me to get my hair done. I want my
hair done all day everyday like people want money!

Well, enough about that.Did you think about the
many ways you can curl your hair with a curling
iron? They got something for everyone.
Are you the type that likes big waves, slight
waves, big curls, or tight curls? Curling
irons can achieve all of this.

For big waves:

Use a curling iron that is 2 inches in diameter. This
will give you large loose waves in longer hair. This
will smooth short hair though. Wrap big sections
around iron to smooth. Wrap small sections of hair
to create waves.

For Slight waves:

A curling iron that is 1 and a half inches in diameter
will create beautiful soft waves. And here’s a tip:
Curl small sections of hair with the curling iron,
then clip your hair to your heaad. When cool,
release pins and glide your fingers through the hair.

For big curls,

The size used to create large curls is about 3 quarters
to one inch in diameter. Here’s another tip: Spritz
small sections with mousse, then wrap them around iron
and hold for five seconds. Release curling iron,
then let it cool. Use your fingers to separate curls.

For tight curls,

Use a 3/8ths curling iron. They give a ringlet effect. A tip
with this is to wrap small sections from ends to roots in a
spiral. Hold it for five seconds. Release curl, then let cool
..spritz with hairspray. Do not touch!

In summary of the distinctive ways to curl hair, here is one of
my quotes:

“A woman’s hair is like her jewelry-prized and made for a pictorial”.

My opinion on this:

I vote for the tight curls. I want definition in my curls. I want
something that is obvious across the room, those kind of curls.
I desire an assortment of curly hairstyles. I won’t limit myself
to just one hairstyle. I deserve to be pampered so I will cosset.
If you know learn anything about me, know that I’m adamant about
getting my hair done.

What is the wet set and what are its benefits?

Mid Bob Shaved Nape Mid Bob Shaved Nape articles. Lovely Bob Hair Style Ideas ... Bob hairstyles are highly versatile and offer a timeless elegance combined with an incredible ...

What is a wet set? A wet set is another method of styling the

hair while wet. First, there is fingerwaves. Then, there are wet sets.

Wet setting is wrapping the hair around curlers, or rollers, or

even creating pin curls. 


Once the hair is set, it will either air dry or dried under a hood

dryer. When the hair is dry all over, you can style it with

your fingers, combs, or brushes.


  • Since the hair goes from wet to all the way dry in the same position,

wet sets are usually long lasting. The wet set was the most popular

in the 1950s and 60s before hand-held electric hair appliances such

as blow dryers and curling irons were available.


  • Wet sets are typically less damaging to the hair than electric applicances,

because high heat is not going directly onto the hair.


Here’s a side tip: Magnetic plastic rollers give the smoothest type of set. The clips

hold them in place.




Once you shampoo and towel dry the hair, it is ready for a

wet set. Now, you can apply styling lotion or gel to  each

section as it it rolled. This can make the hair easier to work with

and give it more holding power. The hair is mainly combed and

wound around the curlers as smoothly as possible.


It is important to keep the ends very smooth to get away

from fishhooks or straight areas close to the ends of the hair.

Don’t put too much hair on the roller or it will take a long time

to dry. 


 Is your hair too short to be wrapped around the roller? Well,

go ahead and form a pin curl and hold it against the head with the clip.

Instead of waiting for the hair to air dry, you can get under a hooded

dryer.Hooded dryers can be hard or soft. The soft ones are like a shower

cap. It should be on medium level and the set should be cooled before

the rollers are removed. One should make sure the hair is completely dry.


When you do a wet set, the hair should wrap around the roller

two to three times for the strongest curl. Also, when creating a wet

set, you can run fingers through it and separate

the curls a bit. You can keep the pattern. It can be lightly brushes

to create a full wavy style  or even thoroughly brushed to get a 

straighter look with volume. A little hair spray may hold the style



Here’s a side tip: Magnetic plastic rollers give the smoothest type of set. The clips

hold them in place.


I personally love the sound of wet sets since they make the hair last. I have

yet to try a wet set, but when I will. you all will know. I will make it a part

2 wet set post. It’s amazing what the hooded dryer can do. I got to go

get one. Hair is a process, isn’t it? I’d love to find something that lasts

because I’m on the go. I go to college and I don’t need to worry about

my hair being done all the time. This is why I look for long lasting

hairstyles. They are the best treasures of life. Enjoy, everyone 


The History of Black Fashion at your fingertips!

A View of the Polka Dot Shoe

Our black race is some of the most fashionable. We see
how they do in Africa. We see how they do in America. We see
how they do all over the world. Therefore, we must point this
out. Our Black people tend to dress in the most dashing way.
We are stars in this world whether famous or not. Black people
have the best swag ever. And people are watching us to see
our style, our class, beautiful, and brilliance all wrap up
like a Christmas present.

There are many things sported in fashion, but
these are the culture fashion amongst our black race.

Trends in the Black Race

1960s-Polka Dots

Loud prints were sported abundantly just 4 decades ago. Out of them
all, the most popular was the polka dot. And who doesn’t love polka dots?
Dresses, bikinis, cool clam diggers consisted of these signature dots.
They draw attention like a money contest.


The wholesome conservatism of the 1950s ran through the Swinging Sixties
as a part of a trendful look.

1960s: Go Go Boots

The long go go boots made their way into the scene to pair themselves
up with the short skirts that one could label risque. It’s as if the
long boots made up for the short skirts. The shirt skirts covered
more of the leg will the skirts moved closer to their rear.

Diana Ross and the Supremes:

Their style consist of sparkly and colorful.And what a mixture
huh? Their music was timeless and the drama behind the scenes
was so huge that it keeps their history memorable.

1970s:Platform Shoes

These clunky heels have a unisex purpose and has cause people
to have ankle accidents. But hey, it was a fashion!!


Bell bottoms was seen all over, everywhere in the 70s decade.
Whether White polyester, classic denim or technicolor versions,
it was a popular look and oh so faddish!Here, Earth, Wind, and
Fire are rocking the technicolor version of bell bottoms.

Leisure Suits

These are 3 piece polyester suits often topped off with wild
printed shirts with mammoth collars. I can’t see how they’d
ever go out of style, but to the ladies and gentlemen
of the world, they did.

Pam Grier

She would wear things that can be described as hippie-chic,
and casual. She was a beauty and sex icon.

Richard Roundtree

His signature? The sideburns that accent his face, his
leather blazer and slick turtlenecks to take care of his
top half.

Door Knocker Earrings

And has anyone heard of door knocker earrings? And
what a title for a pair of earrings? I’m going to
be hearing the sound of knocking all day today.

Anyways, these earrings are a beauty symbol.
Yellow gold was the best symbol of extravagance
in the 80s. Salt and Pepper sported them as well as
Nefertiti emblems, door knocker earrings, big
gold chains, etc.

I myself can see why these trends were trends.
The clothes just sit there so aglow (bright)!
I’d be glad to bring these trends back one day.
I wouldn’twant to wait for someone else to bring them
back. I’d want to be first. Anyways, these images
leave a long lasting impression and I can’t
see why they would ever leave. After all,
popular trends are like sunshine, they brighten
up the day. Good day people!