The best features a home can have are what?

I’ve done home tours. I saw the inside of my cousin’s original house when it was remodeled. It was so much more glamorous the second time around.I used to o rder home magazines to see the insides of houses. And you know what? I saw alot of great features in those houses. What kinda features do you think make a house grand or superb? I think a great house should have these features:

canopy bed

double sinks

double ovens



open  faucet

glass shower

jacuzzi tub

in door pool

glass door

dining room

two way stairs

10 bedrooms

10 bathrooms

gym in home

side door

front door

see through cabinets

mail slot

shelves built into wall

walk in closet

I’m sure there are plenty of more features to be named. If you think of any, let me know.


The Marvelous 6 techniques for deep conditioning natural hair!

(Photo from

Deep conditioning! Let it echo in your mind if you will. I love deep conditioning.  I notice when the hairstylist deep conditions
my hair, which has trouble smoothing out, it comes out smooth
and refreshed. Then I feel refreshed. My heart would just like to dance in the glory of my freshly styled hair.

Anyways, deep conditioning takes a truly essential role in the survival of coily hair. Coily hair NEEDS rich moisture since it is the most likely to be dry. Due to the fact that the circumference of coily hair is smaller than curly hair, the sebum of the scalp takes longer to go down the hair shaft. Therefore, since sebum takes a long time to get from roots to ends, you need to prevent dryness and breakage. Deep conditioners are full of proteins, lubricants, and oils to help your hair maintain elasticity, prevent breakage, and give hair back its strength. Now, for the 6 top tips for deep condtioning and washing your hair.

– Use an all natural conditioner Deep conditioning is used to rejuvenate your hair since it’s been
under pressure from manipulation and weather elements. Seek
a deep conditioner that doesn’t have non-suluble silicones, non-permeable oils, and drying alcohols. This will give your hair the opportunity to take in more nutrients and lower the chances of getting product build up. Natural conditoners are the best way to avoid decreasing your strand’s absorption capacity.

– Behentrimonium chloride This is a cationic surfactant that gives your hair that slip while you detangle. Coily hair typically interwine, but moreso when activated
with water. Slip is needed. Behentrimonium chloride gives your
hair that slip that is just as helpful as silicones without the product

– Penetrating oils Avocado oil, coconut oil, and olive oil are three oils that
penetrate the hair shaft and get to the cortex. Oils help to slow
down the rate at which moisture is loss from the hair.

-Hyrdolized proteinsThese proteins are proteings that have been set up to seap into the cuticle and fill in the cortex.  They help hair bounce back from weare and tear. It replaces protein that get lost in manipulation. CurlyNikki’s Finding Your Perfect Deep Condtioner-THe Ultimate Guide is a wonderful reference to a collection of hydrolized proteins and more information.

-Use heat Deep conditioning with a processing cap under a hooded dryer is ideal.  It would be best to stay under the dryer for at least 15 minutes. It takes longer to absorb the conditioners nutrients without confined heat? Again, that’s why my hair comes out refreshed when
deep conditioned.The heat expands the hair shaft and gives the conditioner more availability to seap through. In addition to that, it helps certain ingredients bond to the cuticle.

-Cool water It helps to rinse your hair with cool water after deep conditioning. This step helps to close the culture. Rinsing with warm water re-opens the hair shaft and lose nutrients you just put into your hair. If you find a time where moisturizing and sealing don’t work and your hair keeps laughing at your co-wash conditonder, it is now time to deep condition. The body needs water to be hydrated. Product build up and synthetic ingredients are not the best way to hydrate.

Well I certainly enjoyed the read. I can’t wait to try these methods because it’s been a long journey and I want some  extra special results.


The History of Black Fashion at your fingertips!

A View of the Polka Dot Shoe

Our black race is some of the most fashionable. We see
how they do in Africa. We see how they do in America. We see
how they do all over the world. Therefore, we must point this
out. Our Black people tend to dress in the most dashing way.
We are stars in this world whether famous or not. Black people
have the best swag ever. And people are watching us to see
our style, our class, beautiful, and brilliance all wrap up
like a Christmas present.

There are many things sported in fashion, but
these are the culture fashion amongst our black race.

Trends in the Black Race

1960s-Polka Dots

Loud prints were sported abundantly just 4 decades ago. Out of them
all, the most popular was the polka dot. And who doesn’t love polka dots?
Dresses, bikinis, cool clam diggers consisted of these signature dots.
They draw attention like a money contest.


The wholesome conservatism of the 1950s ran through the Swinging Sixties
as a part of a trendful look.

1960s: Go Go Boots

The long go go boots made their way into the scene to pair themselves
up with the short skirts that one could label risque. It’s as if the
long boots made up for the short skirts. The shirt skirts covered
more of the leg will the skirts moved closer to their rear.

Diana Ross and the Supremes:

Their style consist of sparkly and colorful.And what a mixture
huh? Their music was timeless and the drama behind the scenes
was so huge that it keeps their history memorable.

1970s:Platform Shoes

These clunky heels have a unisex purpose and has cause people
to have ankle accidents. But hey, it was a fashion!!


Bell bottoms was seen all over, everywhere in the 70s decade.
Whether White polyester, classic denim or technicolor versions,
it was a popular look and oh so faddish!Here, Earth, Wind, and
Fire are rocking the technicolor version of bell bottoms.

Leisure Suits

These are 3 piece polyester suits often topped off with wild
printed shirts with mammoth collars. I can’t see how they’d
ever go out of style, but to the ladies and gentlemen
of the world, they did.

Pam Grier

She would wear things that can be described as hippie-chic,
and casual. She was a beauty and sex icon.

Richard Roundtree

His signature? The sideburns that accent his face, his
leather blazer and slick turtlenecks to take care of his
top half.

Door Knocker Earrings

And has anyone heard of door knocker earrings? And
what a title for a pair of earrings? I’m going to
be hearing the sound of knocking all day today.

Anyways, these earrings are a beauty symbol.
Yellow gold was the best symbol of extravagance
in the 80s. Salt and Pepper sported them as well as
Nefertiti emblems, door knocker earrings, big
gold chains, etc.

I myself can see why these trends were trends.
The clothes just sit there so aglow (bright)!
I’d be glad to bring these trends back one day.
I wouldn’twant to wait for someone else to bring them
back. I’d want to be first. Anyways, these images
leave a long lasting impression and I can’t
see why they would ever leave. After all,
popular trends are like sunshine, they brighten
up the day. Good day people!

A Black woman sung this diet coke commercial and she sung it on point!

I had to do a commercial for class. Mine,
was about taebo and how I lost 32 pounds, 5 inches off
my stomach just doing taebo.I didn’t use music in
my commercial I did for audacity’s program.

Yet, I charismaallover, am very much an old school music lover.
Give me songs by Tevin Campbell, Tony Toni Tone and even
C&C Music Factory’s song Gonna Make you Sweat. But have you
ever thought about the music that goes along with the
commercials that have been produced?

I am a big fan of coke products. I even remember watching
the Diet Coke Commercial. This commercial is a great
commercial because of the energy it exubes through
song. Some of the lyrics are ” Just for the feel of it,
diet coke”, just for the thrill of it, or just for
the chill of it”! It’s something like that.

The black woman sings this song about diet coke and
the way she does it is both groovy and astounding.
I sing with her and take it in like a sound box.
I would have love to done that part. She has a
well defined voice with such a dapper nature.

I love the commercial because of how it flows.
It’s very active. I often think of myself being
in another world when I listen to this song.
It’s as if I’m in a euphoria.

Fingerwaves vs. Flipped Curls, Which Sassy Hairstyle Would You Enjoy the Best? (Charismaallover’s pictures)

Flipped Curls with a Romper

Don’t you just indulge in the greatest hairstyles your hair
can achieve? It’s very important for me to have my hair done.
For the longest, I was walking around wondering what hairstyles
were for me? One I discovered after walking around with no one
to do my hair.

I kept asking around and it costs 40 dollars to get a relaxer
and some pin curls. That’s what I wanted but I didn’t get the
pin curls. I got the curls that lay flat on your head though.
I got the supreme and ultimate best-finger waves! It made
me want to jump in the sea, find the nearest ocean and
swim! No, just kidding! Hair and swimming just don’t mix.
I don’t trust the water.

I got the flipped curls after walking around and people told
me they would do my hair and didn’t do it. I was frustrated
walking around with my angry face all NEGATIVE. My hair
is important to me, God knows.

I can’t wear anything beautiful without having my hair
done. The hair doesn’t make the person but it sure does
make you feel good. That’s my high just like Jesus Christ,
but he’s even better.

Fingerwaves truly defined my oval shape head. On the other
hand, my flipped curls looked great. I had to add bangs
so the focus wouldn’t be on my forehead. I also told
the hairstylist to add bands and flip it at the bottom
only when I got the fingerwaves as you can see. I felt
like I was in the 1920s. It’s a superstar type of look.

With the head full of flipped curls, I thought of this
on my own.I was just tired of my hair looking the same.
I had to do something about so boom ! I jumped on it.
I even curled my hair while I was excercising doing

So ladies and gents, which hairstyle do you think suits you
the best? Fingerwaves or flip curls?

Spare your hair-Try these heatless ways to curl your hair!

Halle Berry © Jerry Avenaim Photography

Curls dominate don’t they? I’m still trying to decide which one I love better curls or braids? I love going back in time with curls because the 1920s look is outstanding and I love curls because they look so animated.

And then it gets me in an animated and
lively mood. Curls are a girl’s best friend. They stand at attention. They are flexible just like a gymnast. I love curls.

Anyways, I want all of you to know how to
curl your hair the heatless way.Heat everyday is bad on the hair. It’s also tiresome curling the hair too much. So you don’t have to use
heat. You have the heatless option.

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! are you listening?Are you hearing me? Here are the heatless ways to curl hair.

1. Magnetic rollers- Get these rollers so you can get the bounciness and fullness that will work the crowds.They may be a pain to sleep in
says my source but they are an option. Don’t get the cheap ones if you don’t want them to
tug at your hair. Ask a beauty expert how to maneuver these rollers so they don’t cause you discomfort and see what they say.

2.Strawllers- They are said to give people shiny and smooth straw curls and can be divided to give volume.You want that big hair look? Go get strawllers. They aren’t flexible and look uncomfortable but they are there for you. Ask a beautician for a way to make
these more comfortable.

3. Flexi-rods- They gave one lady loose waves. She also said they make hair curl tight.

4- Curl formers- See how popular curls have become? Now they have these curl formers. The hook on these things help work your curls into spirals. Curl formers are there to give you a looser spiral than what strawllers give.

5.Pin curls- I have yet to try these curls. I got my hair relaxed with the multiple moisturizers built into it. I got the gel and the hair lotion. Soon, I will try these pin curls.These curls is easy and comfortable.
That’s an unbreakable bond. You can even go out of the house without taking them out.

6. Bantu knot outs- They are similar to pin curls. Therefore if you like you can wear them just the way they are. Another option you have is to unravel them. The smaller the areas
of hair are sectioned into, the more obvious they will be. They will be obvious though like
in your face obvious.

7- Braid-Twist outs- Try this. Section off your hair into several braids or even twists. The more you have, the fuller it will look.
Take them out and play with the curls to give your hair some action. Okay, ready to style? Get moving.

You’ll be photoshoot ready even if you won’t go to one. With all these ways to curl heatless,you might just form an obssession.
Nothing wrong with styling.

I always feel like my hair looks. My belief is that I should have vivacious curls, a vivacious hairstyle. After all my clothes need that balance, good hair, good outfit.

A great hairstyle will keep me posing for days. It always make me feel like a supermodel. I wouldn’t mind modeling though,
would love it.

In conclusion, I love those curls and the many ways you can get them. They got curls for every face shape and every personality. You can set it off with those hairstyles.
Thanks for reading!Got something on your mind? Take the podium in my comments section.

You’ll lose More Weight doing Water Aerobics than Regular Aerobics! Plus, more benefits!

4/365 Light weight!

I love water. No one can duck and dive in it like Rihanna
in her video Umbrella. I love swimming, how it feels and
how elegant it looks.

Water aerobics is a great type of aerobic work out.
This is one way for you peeps to stay fit and healthy
without sweating your core out. It’s also a way to
avoid stressing your body.

Dig this, water reduces the effect that gravity has
on your body. Therefore, stretching under water
will cause little strain on your joints and give you
greater range of motion than on land.

Water gives greater resistance to your movements
than air does. Thus, you burn more calories when
doing aerobics in water. This type of resistance
will raise your muscular endurance and cardiovascular

The buoyancy provided by water will give you better
balance, posture, and flexibility, and thus lessening
your capability for injury. Studies show that waist
deep water supports 50% of your weight and
chest deep water even more at 90% of body weight.
THis is what makes water aerobics very
beneficial for people with arthritis, osteoporosis,
joint problems or back pain.

Water has a massaging effect on your muscles. This
gives water aerobics the power to let our your tension
and stress in your muscles. So if you want to calm
and soothe that body of yours, you can always
give water aerobics a try.

Water aerobics blends body movements and dance
routines. You can put music to it. COme on
and come up people! Jazz it up!

Even if you a pregnant woman, you can benefit
from water aerobics low impact routine. This will
comfort you in your labor period and delivery. It will
help ya’ll recover and lose those additional pounds
gained during pregnancy very fast. Yet, like
any excercise, it’s always best to ask your
doctor if it’s okay to do.

Now we all know, there’s kicking, punching
and dancing on air, but how many people actually
have or want to try water aerobics? If so get
ready for a beautiful fireworks type of display.
It sounds like much fun, wanna try?