This is me, Charismaallover, a day before my birthday! ( Fashion pictures)

This is me a day before my birthday on November 23, 2013. I was eating a taco and two tostadas for dinner.
Then, the restaurant crew came and let me borrow the sombrero. They made me dessert and sung happy
birthday to me. This was at a mexican restaurant.  Yes, I was sitting there in style. It was a nice surprise.
My real birthday is November 24,2013.

This is me a day before my birthday.

This is me a day before my birthday.


17 factors that cause hair dryness!


Why does the hair get dry? What are you doing to cause your
hair to be dry? I do have dry hair so I’m just starting
to use doo gro on my hair. I used to have dandruff,
but guess what? I haven’t seen any snowflakes in my
hair lately. (Snowflakes is another word I use
to represent dandruff.)
Check out the list of things that cause
dry hair.

1. Using harsh shampoos
2. Shampooing too often
3. Infrequent use of conditioners
4. Synthetic hair dyes
5. Harsh relaxers
6. Exposure to Isopropyl alcohol
7. Chlorine
8. Washing with hot water
9. Overuse of blow drying or curling iron
10. Too much exposure to the sun and wind

Internal factors that causes dry hair is:

1. Diet
2. Cancer treatment
3. Certain medications
4. Prolonged illness
5. Prolonged dehydration

Now you have the problem, work on the solution. There are
many ways to deal with hair. Just make sure that
you don’t do it the wrong way if you don’t want
to see the wrong result. Dryness is an irritation.
Dry hair, dry skin is all an irritation and
can be very uncomfortable. Though the key sentence
is “What are you going to do about it?’ Have you made
any of the mistakes above? If so, I’m glad to
inform you.

A few ways hot rollers make curls last!

What’s one of the most annoying things about hair? Well, besides
breakage, it’s when the curls come out.I really don’t love braids
as much as I love curls. I’m a curl addict, heavily dependent
on curls for a style. Curls are mature looking and so pretty.
Curls give the hair its design and profluency. So instead of losing the curls in one day,two days, or even three days, we need something that will last. I had a hairstylist that said she could
make my curls last a week, even two weeks. She has proven herself to me.

Hot rollers give your hair instant curls
that you love. Here’s how:

• Do take inventory of your hot roller set. Observe the various sizes of the rollers and how many of each size you have.

• Realize that smaller rollers hold a small amount of
hair. They will also give a tighter curl. The larger the
roller, the looser the curls.

• The longer the hot rollers are left in the hair,
the better the curl will be.

• Test a curl after two minutes. Take out one of
the rollers and see if the curl is as desirable as you’d
like. If you want your curls to be tighter, replace the
roller nd test again in another minute.

• Before you remove the rollers, lightly spray
hairspray over them and then carefully remove the
rollers. Remove each roller, one at a time. Let it
release into a ringlet form instead of the haphaz-
ardly way. The light spray over the hair helps the
curls stay in longer. Use you fingers to comb and
blend the curls.

• Spray the last application of hairspray.

I’m just saying, life is alot better when you can lie down and
wake up to curls. Curls are perky and very attractive. They
give dull hair that undeniable spice and volume. Let’s go get
some curls. If we can curl our own hair and make it last
great! Otherwise, find a professional to get your hair to
it’s highest potential! Won’t that be fun?