My Henna Tattoo is Fashionable but Not Permanent!

I love to see tattoos. I love singer Rihanna’s tattoos. I love the thought of having musical notes and symbols tattooed along my neck. I mean there are an infinite amount of brilliant tattoos for your visual pleasure. That brings me to my point of discussion.

I was recently at the Northend Festival in Detroit, Michigan and got a henna tattoo! This was new for me because I never ever heard of a henna tattoo until then. I heard of henna for the hair, for the longest time though. Well, enough about that. For those of you who
don’t know, a henna tattoo is made with a colored gel that is squeezed from a tube and drawn on your body. I got this HENNA tattoo just yesterday. The young lady who drew it saw a picture of a tattoo on a woman’s hand and just started drawing it out on my left hand. It was full of detail, appealing to the eyes, and so darn elegant!

I was careful with what I touched because I didn’t want to
mess up the whole thing. The corner of my design on my finger got smudged right away a tad bit. But forget that. The henna tattoo is banging. I recommend it for those who’ve always loved to see tattoos and don’t want a permanent one.

I washed my hands and the design’s thick gel like consistency wore off. The thing is that it still left an imprint like something with a strong foundation. This is day two and the tattoo’s imprint is still there.


The best features a home can have are what?

I’ve done home tours. I saw the inside of my cousin’s original house when it was remodeled. It was so much more glamorous the second time around.I used to o rder home magazines to see the insides of houses. And you know what? I saw alot of great features in those houses. What kinda features do you think make a house grand or superb? I think a great house should have these features:

canopy bed

double sinks

double ovens



open  faucet

glass shower

jacuzzi tub

in door pool

glass door

dining room

two way stairs

10 bedrooms

10 bathrooms

gym in home

side door

front door

see through cabinets

mail slot

shelves built into wall

walk in closet

I’m sure there are plenty of more features to be named. If you think of any, let me know.

A Black woman sung this diet coke commercial and she sung it on point!

I had to do a commercial for class. Mine,
was about taebo and how I lost 32 pounds, 5 inches off
my stomach just doing taebo.I didn’t use music in
my commercial I did for audacity’s program.

Yet, I charismaallover, am very much an old school music lover.
Give me songs by Tevin Campbell, Tony Toni Tone and even
C&C Music Factory’s song Gonna Make you Sweat. But have you
ever thought about the music that goes along with the
commercials that have been produced?

I am a big fan of coke products. I even remember watching
the Diet Coke Commercial. This commercial is a great
commercial because of the energy it exubes through
song. Some of the lyrics are ” Just for the feel of it,
diet coke”, just for the thrill of it, or just for
the chill of it”! It’s something like that.

The black woman sings this song about diet coke and
the way she does it is both groovy and astounding.
I sing with her and take it in like a sound box.
I would have love to done that part. She has a
well defined voice with such a dapper nature.

I love the commercial because of how it flows.
It’s very active. I often think of myself being
in another world when I listen to this song.
It’s as if I’m in a euphoria.

Spare your hair-Try these heatless ways to curl your hair!

Halle Berry © Jerry Avenaim Photography

Curls dominate don’t they? I’m still trying to decide which one I love better curls or braids? I love going back in time with curls because the 1920s look is outstanding and I love curls because they look so animated.

And then it gets me in an animated and
lively mood. Curls are a girl’s best friend. They stand at attention. They are flexible just like a gymnast. I love curls.

Anyways, I want all of you to know how to
curl your hair the heatless way.Heat everyday is bad on the hair. It’s also tiresome curling the hair too much. So you don’t have to use
heat. You have the heatless option.

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! are you listening?Are you hearing me? Here are the heatless ways to curl hair.

1. Magnetic rollers- Get these rollers so you can get the bounciness and fullness that will work the crowds.They may be a pain to sleep in
says my source but they are an option. Don’t get the cheap ones if you don’t want them to
tug at your hair. Ask a beauty expert how to maneuver these rollers so they don’t cause you discomfort and see what they say.

2.Strawllers- They are said to give people shiny and smooth straw curls and can be divided to give volume.You want that big hair look? Go get strawllers. They aren’t flexible and look uncomfortable but they are there for you. Ask a beautician for a way to make
these more comfortable.

3. Flexi-rods- They gave one lady loose waves. She also said they make hair curl tight.

4- Curl formers- See how popular curls have become? Now they have these curl formers. The hook on these things help work your curls into spirals. Curl formers are there to give you a looser spiral than what strawllers give.

5.Pin curls- I have yet to try these curls. I got my hair relaxed with the multiple moisturizers built into it. I got the gel and the hair lotion. Soon, I will try these pin curls.These curls is easy and comfortable.
That’s an unbreakable bond. You can even go out of the house without taking them out.

6. Bantu knot outs- They are similar to pin curls. Therefore if you like you can wear them just the way they are. Another option you have is to unravel them. The smaller the areas
of hair are sectioned into, the more obvious they will be. They will be obvious though like
in your face obvious.

7- Braid-Twist outs- Try this. Section off your hair into several braids or even twists. The more you have, the fuller it will look.
Take them out and play with the curls to give your hair some action. Okay, ready to style? Get moving.

You’ll be photoshoot ready even if you won’t go to one. With all these ways to curl heatless,you might just form an obssession.
Nothing wrong with styling.

I always feel like my hair looks. My belief is that I should have vivacious curls, a vivacious hairstyle. After all my clothes need that balance, good hair, good outfit.

A great hairstyle will keep me posing for days. It always make me feel like a supermodel. I wouldn’t mind modeling though,
would love it.

In conclusion, I love those curls and the many ways you can get them. They got curls for every face shape and every personality. You can set it off with those hairstyles.
Thanks for reading!Got something on your mind? Take the podium in my comments section.

You’ll lose More Weight doing Water Aerobics than Regular Aerobics! Plus, more benefits!

4/365 Light weight!

I love water. No one can duck and dive in it like Rihanna
in her video Umbrella. I love swimming, how it feels and
how elegant it looks.

Water aerobics is a great type of aerobic work out.
This is one way for you peeps to stay fit and healthy
without sweating your core out. It’s also a way to
avoid stressing your body.

Dig this, water reduces the effect that gravity has
on your body. Therefore, stretching under water
will cause little strain on your joints and give you
greater range of motion than on land.

Water gives greater resistance to your movements
than air does. Thus, you burn more calories when
doing aerobics in water. This type of resistance
will raise your muscular endurance and cardiovascular

The buoyancy provided by water will give you better
balance, posture, and flexibility, and thus lessening
your capability for injury. Studies show that waist
deep water supports 50% of your weight and
chest deep water even more at 90% of body weight.
THis is what makes water aerobics very
beneficial for people with arthritis, osteoporosis,
joint problems or back pain.

Water has a massaging effect on your muscles. This
gives water aerobics the power to let our your tension
and stress in your muscles. So if you want to calm
and soothe that body of yours, you can always
give water aerobics a try.

Water aerobics blends body movements and dance
routines. You can put music to it. COme on
and come up people! Jazz it up!

Even if you a pregnant woman, you can benefit
from water aerobics low impact routine. This will
comfort you in your labor period and delivery. It will
help ya’ll recover and lose those additional pounds
gained during pregnancy very fast. Yet, like
any excercise, it’s always best to ask your
doctor if it’s okay to do.

Now we all know, there’s kicking, punching
and dancing on air, but how many people actually
have or want to try water aerobics? If so get
ready for a beautiful fireworks type of display.
It sounds like much fun, wanna try?

The Fashion Express….is me wearing a Sweater Dress!

Sitting down in a blue dress

Well, I’m very much into fashion. I love blue eyeshadow. I love
dresses that fit me. I enjoy sweater dresses. I always say
let’s get pictures from different angles. I love to dress up.
As I’ve grown, I am now addicted to dresses and dressing up.
Help me! I don’t feel right wearing pants. I feel like that’s
just another day I could have dressed up. I like dresses even
more than I like shorts. It used to be the other way around
because shorts are more comfortable but with all the dress
designs and this showing my legs, I just can’t help myself.
I praise God for dresses! Oh thank you Jesus!

I recently bought a dress designed by Beyonce. It was nice
and classy looking, small like me. THe thing is, it was lacking
in length. I tried most of the clothes on, but not this dress.
It’s too short to even wear out in public. I was disappointed.
Lesson learned, don’t buy it till you try it. Try everything on.
I was in a rush. I had to get back to the campus cafe before
it closed. I bought and there were some things I did not
try on.

The thing is most of the time if I don’t be careful, I get something
entirely too big. I went to City Trends, got some white spandex
thinking they were my size. I get back to the dorm, try it on in
the shower stall and noticed they were huge. It was as if my
eyes were deceiving me.

I love dresses because they are lady like and pretty. I love
clothes that fit me. That’s what I seek out.

Posed up against a refrigerator

Hands up!

Stand midway between rooms

Me and my Turquoise Dress

The 5 things that determine your rocket blast metabolism!

black boxing gloves

Isn’t always best to be lean? I mean after all, they say
go for the lean piece of meat if you want to be healthier
and lose weight. It’s not always an easy task especially
when you are obssessed with fried foods and foods
rich in fat.

There are people in this world who are naturally skinny
and don’t gain weight. God has gave this people a true
benefit. I’m proud to say I do taebo one hour or more
each day, so I work for mine. Some people are just
born really thin. My dad was thin about 140 and he
was about 5’6 in height. I take after my dads genes.

Lean means that one has the correct percentage of body
fat for their body type.

There are 5 lean factors:

Lean genes- Look at your parents if your kids. Look at your grandparents if your parents.
If are trim or used to be in their youth, you have a better chance of never becoming fat.
If one or even both parents were over fat than you can still be
lean but you have to work harder.

Body types- Lean and tall body types are typically longer and lighter than
what’s on the growth chart. Ectomorph babies, children and even adults
have piano fingers and long slender type feet. Ectomorphs get more
calories in height than they do in weight. People with ectomorph body
types are hyper metabolizers, meaning they tend to burn off calories
easier and can make the adjustment of their food intake to calorie level.
They eat much and don’t gain weight. These are really blessed folks.
So many people wish they had this trait. Anyways, look out for those
ectomorphs, they some powerful people!

Stocky children and adults are average in height and weight and height
and weight are basically the same percentage on the growth chart.
These square shaped bodies are typically over fat than rectangular
ectomorph friends.

Short and wide persons, known as endomorphs have the best chance
of becoming over fat. And please pay attention to the spelling,
ENDomorphs are fatter than most. It’s ECTomorphs who are
skinner than most. Pay attention to the spelling so ya’ll won’t
be confused. The rare people have both body types.

Metabolism- IF you have a fast metabolism, you have an extra
special body feature. That person burns fat like easily. Just
envision the fat turning into smoke and vapor. Yet, on the
other hand, slow metabolisers burn fat slowly. That’s storing fat.
Body build and what you inherit determines whether you are a
fat burner or a fat storer. Take this case for example:
Two children come from the same exact family, one is slim,
the other is not, yet both eat the same types of food. Susie
Overweight says “No fair. My sister gobbles banana splits,
yet I’m a size 16 and she’s a size 8.

People that’s just life.

Temperament- Active people with much energy take the calories out.
Couch sitters take in the fat. You can observe such tendencies
in an infant. A lanky, wiry, very active baby, moreso one with
active parents, has a very little chance of becoming fat. Mellower,
rounder and quieter babies burn less calories and tend to be

Eating habits- People who eat nutrient dense foods in proportion
to their energy needs are typically leaner. People who eat
an excess of high fat empty calories are less likely to be
lean. Don’t just think quantity, but what is the quality of
food you are eating? Ladies and gents….think about it.

Control body fat.

A person gets fat because they eat more calories than they burn.
You get lean if you burn more calories than you eat. That means
get more excercise.

Stay lean, keep like your treasure chest by eating leaner foods,
eating differently, excercising more or a bit of both. I myself
would rather exercise more and I do, when I eat more than

I always focus on keeping my body revved up just like a train
in full speed. You can do it too.

ANd don’t forget to check out why people get fat..

They have 3 times the risk of being fat if both parents are fat. They
may get 40% of calories from fat that about half that 20-25%.

THe hormone insulin does more than just keep sugar in control , but
it also controls fat.

Ok, haven’t you all come away with new information? I sure have learned
something. The moral of the story is be careful how you eat, what you eat. It’s not all heredity in your leanness, sometimes it’s what you do to yourself. Got it?