This is me, Charismaallover, a day before my birthday! ( Fashion pictures)

This is me a day before my birthday on November 23, 2013. I was eating a taco and two tostadas for dinner.
Then, the restaurant crew came and let me borrow the sombrero. They made me dessert and sung happy
birthday to me. This was at a mexican restaurant.  Yes, I was sitting there in style. It was a nice surprise.
My real birthday is November 24,2013.

This is me a day before my birthday.

This is me a day before my birthday.


A trip to the hairstylist made my curls last longer!

part 2 Tamarva Butler . jpg

Curls! curls! curls! How did you get those curls? Well,
personally, I had to walk to get the curls I have. These
curls come from walking 25-30 minutes. I was looking at
Office depot for a computer charger. Their price was over
my budget. Therefore I went into the mall to look for
another computer charger. I discovered a fantastic salon
equipped with my needs.

I went in there and ask her if she would do my hair
since I didn’t spend the money on the computer charger.
She said she was done for the day. I could come tomorrow,
which was Friday!

I felt so refreshed! My hair had been so hard to deal
with.It was hard to curl, hard to pin down, hair to style
which I think is a result of the relaxer. I switched
relaxers and wasn’t consistent. My hair is too soft
so I won’t get anymore relaxers.

I went into the shop. The lady put some syntonics on my
hair. I felt the pores in my head open. My scalp felt
refreshed and hair too. This syntonics was something
only stylist can order! I wish I could purchase. Maybe
I should become a hairstylist one day and get the product.

She shampooed my hair. Then, she conditioned my hair
with a deep conditioner under the dryer. It gave my
hair some serious moisture that it needed so bad.
I have these coarse hair that lacks moisture. Now,
She dried my hair. Then she used these thermal curling

These curling irons left my hair with the best
silk, smooth shiny hair. It has been over 7 days
and my hair is still lasting. I roll it up and go
to bed. I wake up with these fancy curls that curve
to my face. It doesn’t look dry anymore! I love
what beauticians do. I want to learn how to train
my hair too. THat’s my testimony.
What were your experiences with

A few ways hot rollers make curls last!

What’s one of the most annoying things about hair? Well, besides
breakage, it’s when the curls come out.I really don’t love braids
as much as I love curls. I’m a curl addict, heavily dependent
on curls for a style. Curls are mature looking and so pretty.
Curls give the hair its design and profluency. So instead of losing the curls in one day,two days, or even three days, we need something that will last. I had a hairstylist that said she could
make my curls last a week, even two weeks. She has proven herself to me.

Hot rollers give your hair instant curls
that you love. Here’s how:

• Do take inventory of your hot roller set. Observe the various sizes of the rollers and how many of each size you have.

• Realize that smaller rollers hold a small amount of
hair. They will also give a tighter curl. The larger the
roller, the looser the curls.

• The longer the hot rollers are left in the hair,
the better the curl will be.

• Test a curl after two minutes. Take out one of
the rollers and see if the curl is as desirable as you’d
like. If you want your curls to be tighter, replace the
roller nd test again in another minute.

• Before you remove the rollers, lightly spray
hairspray over them and then carefully remove the
rollers. Remove each roller, one at a time. Let it
release into a ringlet form instead of the haphaz-
ardly way. The light spray over the hair helps the
curls stay in longer. Use you fingers to comb and
blend the curls.

• Spray the last application of hairspray.

I’m just saying, life is alot better when you can lie down and
wake up to curls. Curls are perky and very attractive. They
give dull hair that undeniable spice and volume. Let’s go get
some curls. If we can curl our own hair and make it last
great! Otherwise, find a professional to get your hair to
it’s highest potential! Won’t that be fun?

Makeup tips for multiple occasions at your convenience!

Make-up, how many ways can I create designs up on my face? Does
anyone really know? I love makeup but there are times when I
am just all natural.

Makeup as we know can give us a fresh and new look, something
that’s a la mode. So that’s why we love it. It’s beauty
centred or rather, the beauty dome.

I personally don’t put on all types of makeup. I put the eyeliner
and then the red lipstick. I make sure the lipstick is the
right gradient of red. It must not look clownish or I’ll ditch
it. When I shop for lipstick, I tend to look for a shade of
red like dark cherry red. That suits me. That suits black
women in general I think.

Forget the blues, and oranges. I”m not going to get an
award for clowning.

Anyways, here are some make up tips, you the reader might
find interesting! Here I am catering to your needs!

Quick Makeup Fix

1. Use a one medium bright base color.

2. Apply a base shade completely on the mobile lid.

3. Then add more in the crease and blend it upward,
halfway to the eyebrows.

4. If you choose, you can add a thin line under the
bottom lashes.

Polished Look:

1. Use a two color coordinated eyeshadows in light
and dark shades.

2. Put the dark eyeshadow on the outer corner of
the eye in a horizontal V shape.

3. Apply more eyeshadow in the crease.

4. Use the light eyeshadow to highlight the inner
corner of the eye, specifically under the eyebrows
and right above the iris.

Sophisicated Lady:

1. You can use up to four colors of eyeshadow.

2. Put the base color on the eyelid, in the upper
area. Don’t bring it close to the nose or all
the way up the eyebrows.

3. Take contour and put it on the lashes and in
the crease. Put on more color on the corner
of your eyes, making sure to connect the lines
along the lashes and in the crease too.

4. Make sure accent color is applied on the
lid just above your iris.

Can you dig it? So, there are some tips
for makeup for multiple occasions. Get that and
more information at this site:

Spare your hair-Try these heatless ways to curl your hair!

Halle Berry © Jerry Avenaim Photography

Curls dominate don’t they? I’m still trying to decide which one I love better curls or braids? I love going back in time with curls because the 1920s look is outstanding and I love curls because they look so animated.

And then it gets me in an animated and
lively mood. Curls are a girl’s best friend. They stand at attention. They are flexible just like a gymnast. I love curls.

Anyways, I want all of you to know how to
curl your hair the heatless way.Heat everyday is bad on the hair. It’s also tiresome curling the hair too much. So you don’t have to use
heat. You have the heatless option.

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! are you listening?Are you hearing me? Here are the heatless ways to curl hair.

1. Magnetic rollers- Get these rollers so you can get the bounciness and fullness that will work the crowds.They may be a pain to sleep in
says my source but they are an option. Don’t get the cheap ones if you don’t want them to
tug at your hair. Ask a beauty expert how to maneuver these rollers so they don’t cause you discomfort and see what they say.

2.Strawllers- They are said to give people shiny and smooth straw curls and can be divided to give volume.You want that big hair look? Go get strawllers. They aren’t flexible and look uncomfortable but they are there for you. Ask a beautician for a way to make
these more comfortable.

3. Flexi-rods- They gave one lady loose waves. She also said they make hair curl tight.

4- Curl formers- See how popular curls have become? Now they have these curl formers. The hook on these things help work your curls into spirals. Curl formers are there to give you a looser spiral than what strawllers give.

5.Pin curls- I have yet to try these curls. I got my hair relaxed with the multiple moisturizers built into it. I got the gel and the hair lotion. Soon, I will try these pin curls.These curls is easy and comfortable.
That’s an unbreakable bond. You can even go out of the house without taking them out.

6. Bantu knot outs- They are similar to pin curls. Therefore if you like you can wear them just the way they are. Another option you have is to unravel them. The smaller the areas
of hair are sectioned into, the more obvious they will be. They will be obvious though like
in your face obvious.

7- Braid-Twist outs- Try this. Section off your hair into several braids or even twists. The more you have, the fuller it will look.
Take them out and play with the curls to give your hair some action. Okay, ready to style? Get moving.

You’ll be photoshoot ready even if you won’t go to one. With all these ways to curl heatless,you might just form an obssession.
Nothing wrong with styling.

I always feel like my hair looks. My belief is that I should have vivacious curls, a vivacious hairstyle. After all my clothes need that balance, good hair, good outfit.

A great hairstyle will keep me posing for days. It always make me feel like a supermodel. I wouldn’t mind modeling though,
would love it.

In conclusion, I love those curls and the many ways you can get them. They got curls for every face shape and every personality. You can set it off with those hairstyles.
Thanks for reading!Got something on your mind? Take the podium in my comments section.

Did anyone know that Hoola Hooping takes away belly fat?

Me I Want a Hula Hoop

We all know how great it looks to have a flat stomach. We
want a flat stomach, flat as a pancake minus the fat that
pancakes cause if ate too frequently. Hoola hoop is a simple
game. It takes no professional skills to do. I’ve done it.
Other people have done it, but how much time do you spend
hoola-hooping? That is the key…. Put your hoola hoop to
more use, put it in motion. It’s like a steering wheel around
the waist without the restriction.

People who want to lose stomach fat should hoola-hoop
for 30 minutes. We know it’s difficult to keep the hoop
going for 30 minutes non stop, but keep starting it over
for 30 minutes. That’s what they are saying.

Hoola Hooping: It causes you to use all the muscles in your midsection to keep the hula hoop for 30 minutes. You
can even bump that up to 90 minutes as a low intensity

Whoever knew hoola-hoop could be so useful physically?
I have not tried long enough to find out. Anyone who uses
one often for a good amount of time should know and
now that you know, what will you do about it? Ready,
get set, going! Time to hoola-hoop!

210 foods that produce quick weight loss!!

Are you obssessed with being thin? I know I am
I’m just not going the annorexia root like some celebs do.
I love food too much and guess what else? Being annorexic
is just NOT healthy.I love water pills because they get rid of water weight. I got to get a scale to check my weight too. I left mine
when I came back to South Carolina to attend school.

But enough about water weight…..These are some foods
that help people lose weight quickly. It’s not all fruits and
veggies. If it were I would be discouraged. I remember
one day eating fruits and salads all day and nothing else.
Then the next day I went to do my boxing, I noticed
that I lacked energy. I was missing meat and filling foods.
It was a boring meal plan for a day. I can’t believe I did it.
If I had to eat like this everyday, everyday would be boring.
Even if nothing interesting happens in my day, if I have something
tasty to eat, the day is worth it. But ofcourse, having God in
my life makes it worth it too. God comes first.

But yes, all fruits and veggies and no other variety would be
a dreaded day.

WHen people say get your carbs in to lose weight, they mean
specific types of carbs, not the regular white bread and regular
bread sticks we LOVE so dang on much!

Get carbs =

Plain popcorn-lightly salted
Brown rice
Wild rice
Wheat breads
Granary Breads
Wheat Bagel

String beans
Green Beans
Kidney beans

Protein foods:

Tuna, tuna in water I hear is better healthwise
Unsalted cashews
unsalted peanuts
Lean cuts of meat


Hot peppers
Jalapeno Peppers

Just follow the list for fast weight loss…there’s more fast
weight loss foods at the site….Those are only a few I typed.

Also you can get a free weight loss dvd. I love this site so much.
It makes everything easy for you and tells you toning excercises
as well. Adrian Bryant is the man who answers your weight loss
questions, so if you want feedback he helps. He answered
my questions. I had multiple ones. He’ll answer your question
or direct you to the part of the site that answers it if it’s already
talked about.

There’s nothing better than a proferssional giving feedback
and looking at his body, you can see why people who want
to lose weight need to talk to him. ENjoy!