A Review of the HOt and Hotter Professionals Curling Iron- It doesn’t keep the curls!



I have been in search of a curling iron that can make my hair silky smooth

with a nice collection of curls.I want something defined and will show my

curls for who they are. Therefore, I used Hot and Hotter Professionals

electric curling iron and what did I get? Again, what did I get? I had small

curls, yet it reverted right back to the natural texture. I was thinking that

the word professionals in the title would make it work. I was driven by

this title.Well the title didn’t help this time!

    My curls fell out and there was much disorganization in my hair. It didn’t

say ceramic curling iron, It said electric curling iron. I’m going around asking

people what’s the best curling iron or flat iron. They say look for a ceramic


      The Hot and Hotter Professionals electric curling iron is not good for my

naturally coarse specific hair. So now, I will try something else and get back

to you. This was the same  curling iron I got from the beauty supply store too.

and two thumbs down to the curling iron! I didn’t like my curls falling out because

after that I didn’t know what to do with my hair. I need something stronger for my

afro textured hair. Any experiences with this brand? Feel free to share or comment

if you’d like. Thanks a bunch!


Fingerwaves vs. Flipped Curls, Which Sassy Hairstyle Would You Enjoy the Best? (Charismaallover’s pictures)

Flipped Curls with a Romper

Don’t you just indulge in the greatest hairstyles your hair
can achieve? It’s very important for me to have my hair done.
For the longest, I was walking around wondering what hairstyles
were for me? One I discovered after walking around with no one
to do my hair.

I kept asking around and it costs 40 dollars to get a relaxer
and some pin curls. That’s what I wanted but I didn’t get the
pin curls. I got the curls that lay flat on your head though.
I got the supreme and ultimate best-finger waves! It made
me want to jump in the sea, find the nearest ocean and
swim! No, just kidding! Hair and swimming just don’t mix.
I don’t trust the water.

I got the flipped curls after walking around and people told
me they would do my hair and didn’t do it. I was frustrated
walking around with my angry face all NEGATIVE. My hair
is important to me, God knows.

I can’t wear anything beautiful without having my hair
done. The hair doesn’t make the person but it sure does
make you feel good. That’s my high just like Jesus Christ,
but he’s even better.

Fingerwaves truly defined my oval shape head. On the other
hand, my flipped curls looked great. I had to add bangs
so the focus wouldn’t be on my forehead. I also told
the hairstylist to add bands and flip it at the bottom
only when I got the fingerwaves as you can see. I felt
like I was in the 1920s. It’s a superstar type of look.

With the head full of flipped curls, I thought of this
on my own.I was just tired of my hair looking the same.
I had to do something about so boom ! I jumped on it.
I even curled my hair while I was excercising doing

So ladies and gents, which hairstyle do you think suits you
the best? Fingerwaves or flip curls?

Spare your hair-Try these heatless ways to curl your hair!

Halle Berry © Jerry Avenaim Photography

Curls dominate don’t they? I’m still trying to decide which one I love better curls or braids? I love going back in time with curls because the 1920s look is outstanding and I love curls because they look so animated.

And then it gets me in an animated and
lively mood. Curls are a girl’s best friend. They stand at attention. They are flexible just like a gymnast. I love curls.

Anyways, I want all of you to know how to
curl your hair the heatless way.Heat everyday is bad on the hair. It’s also tiresome curling the hair too much. So you don’t have to use
heat. You have the heatless option.

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! are you listening?Are you hearing me? Here are the heatless ways to curl hair.

1. Magnetic rollers- Get these rollers so you can get the bounciness and fullness that will work the crowds.They may be a pain to sleep in
says my source but they are an option. Don’t get the cheap ones if you don’t want them to
tug at your hair. Ask a beauty expert how to maneuver these rollers so they don’t cause you discomfort and see what they say.

2.Strawllers- They are said to give people shiny and smooth straw curls and can be divided to give volume.You want that big hair look? Go get strawllers. They aren’t flexible and look uncomfortable but they are there for you. Ask a beautician for a way to make
these more comfortable.

3. Flexi-rods- They gave one lady loose waves. She also said they make hair curl tight.

4- Curl formers- See how popular curls have become? Now they have these curl formers. The hook on these things help work your curls into spirals. Curl formers are there to give you a looser spiral than what strawllers give.

5.Pin curls- I have yet to try these curls. I got my hair relaxed with the multiple moisturizers built into it. I got the gel and the hair lotion. Soon, I will try these pin curls.These curls is easy and comfortable.
That’s an unbreakable bond. You can even go out of the house without taking them out.

6. Bantu knot outs- They are similar to pin curls. Therefore if you like you can wear them just the way they are. Another option you have is to unravel them. The smaller the areas
of hair are sectioned into, the more obvious they will be. They will be obvious though like
in your face obvious.

7- Braid-Twist outs- Try this. Section off your hair into several braids or even twists. The more you have, the fuller it will look.
Take them out and play with the curls to give your hair some action. Okay, ready to style? Get moving.

You’ll be photoshoot ready even if you won’t go to one. With all these ways to curl heatless,you might just form an obssession.
Nothing wrong with styling.

I always feel like my hair looks. My belief is that I should have vivacious curls, a vivacious hairstyle. After all my clothes need that balance, good hair, good outfit.

A great hairstyle will keep me posing for days. It always make me feel like a supermodel. I wouldn’t mind modeling though,
would love it.

In conclusion, I love those curls and the many ways you can get them. They got curls for every face shape and every personality. You can set it off with those hairstyles.
Thanks for reading!Got something on your mind? Take the podium in my comments section.


10 Tips and Tricks to keep those curls you love so much!

Imagine, What are those curls doing? They are so well define
I can see them so well across the room Miss Jazzy.
They are zestful.

A curl, oh what it can do! It can design your
whole head, or take over a section of you head or
multiple sections. I love curls. When I don’t know
how to braid my hair tight, I can always curl it.
I don’t curl it everyday. I roll it up to maintain,
you know the usual.

Loxy wearing Spiral Curls

I feel like the curls in my hair, upbeat
and happy. Curls, whether feather curls, pin curls,
flip curls, any type of curl is worth knowing about.
We all want something chic.

Here are some ways to keep your curls:

-Don’t wash your hair every day. We need that natural
oil to keep the style better.

-Make sure to use a light conditioner. Heavy conditioners
are the epitome of residue. You don’t want it to weigh
down your hair and take the curl right out. If you just
must have a thick conditioner, rinse it out very very well.

-Blot your hair before you style. Get that extra moisture
out of your hair. If your hair is TOO damp, it’s laborious
to style.

-Apply a volumizer to your hair. If you have hair that is limp
and fine, you’re gonna need it.

-Treat the damaged ends of your hair. Take a little leave-in
conditioner or hair cream and put it to the ends. This
will take care of the fuzzy hair.

-And this might sound unusal, but blow dry your hair upside
down, you know bat style! This will give your hair movement
and bend so you can prepare your hair for those phenomenal
curls. And you will be talking like I am woman, phenomenally,
phenomenal woman, that’s me just as Maya Angelou said.

-Choose professional grade tools. Only the superior equipment
for your hair right? They heat up more evenly and get a
higher temperature than drugstore tools. Anyways, it doesn’t
have to be too high though to preserve the hair you have.
These pg tools (Professional grade tools) can be found
at your local beauty supply store.

-Spray your hair before you set. Apply a mist of hairspray or
even a setting lotion to each portion of your hair before
you decide curl up.

-Spray underneath your hair. And make sure to put the
hairspray to your hair underside of each of the hair
sections. The more hold you have embodied in your style,
the better it will last and hold up..sweet as Rihanna
the singer dodging water in her video Umbrella.

-Re-mist your hair during the day. IF your curls start
taking the annoying route of going flat, spritz on
a curl-reviver. It was said that Pantene makes a great
one. I haven’t tried it but I will try something one day.

I learn my own way to do those fanciful curls I get.
I love the flip curls so much! It’s my trademark
hairstyle. They’ve become a part of me.How many
ways can you curl? Explore people explore!
Questions? Comments? I love to know what you think.


Pin curls will do you well- their lasting and beautiful!

Count the ways that people can curl their hair. What do you think? Got the answer? Pin curls are exciting like your favorite singer coming to
town. Pin curls give you those tight curls you’ve always wanted.
If you have long hair, your hair will be loopy in the pin curls.
Alot of black women use pin curls to get away from the damaging
heat. It’s also great for getting rid of frizz and keeping the curls
in control.

Get the tools out:

Moisturizing Shampoo
absorbent towel
Leave-in conditioner
frizz buster
Wide-tooth comb
Hair wax
Metal hair clips

Wash your hair with the moisturizing shampoo for Black women’s hair,
or suitable to your hair needs if another race.

Rinse your hair.

Towel dry your hair with a large, absorbent towel.
Wrap your head with a towel and pat the hair dry, and
don’t rub it vigorous rubbing, which causes frizzing.

Squeeze a quarter sized amount of leave-in conditioner
and frizz buster into the hand.

Rub your hands together and combine these elements

Let your hair dry without heating equipment. This will
leave the hair wet enough to hold a curl, but not too

Take a section of hair about 1/2 inch in diameter
to wrap a curl. If you use a large amount of hair,
the curl will be larger and more wavy instead of
the curly you probably wanted. If you have
thin hair, the width of the curl will be smaller.

Put on a tiny amount of hair wax, approximately 1/2
the size of a dime, close to the root of the hair
and comb it through.

Wind the hair around a finger, being sure to tuck
the ends in, so they come out straight.

Push the curl off your finger and use the metal
hair clip to make the hair stay close to the head.

Take a section of your hair and do the pin curls
around your head. The curls should be of a
uniform shape and in a row. Do some counterclockwise
and clockwise.

Let your hair dry naturally.

Remove the pins on each curl and allow the
curls to hang naturally.

Finger comb you hair to divide into smaller

Pin curls are A plus rated. I want that to be my signature
hairstyle and keep it as a tradition. Pin curls are so
in style, they never go out of style. They command
attention, are so easily noticeable, and stand with
such pride like a cadet or real life human who is
sure themself. Doing hair is fun when the results
come out crossing all t’s and dotting i’s.

Pin curls are like the crown to the head. It’s
the topping like the pepperoni on pizza, the
swirl in an ice cream, the dots on the dominoes
that you play with. Go out and pay your hard
earned money on pin curls if you like, or
find someone who can do them for free or
low price. You’ll be full of smiles when you
get them.Thanks folks!

More tips when you read the site…


PIN CURLS SET Pictures, Images and Photos

How to give yourself the Flipped Curls, producing volume, sassiness, and a mature look !

O B A M A 2008!

We all as people want our hair done, but especially us women. I know
on bad hair days, it’s actually the worst. I get my hair done as much as possible
so I can be upbeat and camera ready. People who really know me know I’m obsessed
with my hair. I recently experimented with my hair. My hair is so stick it’s hard to
pin down. It’s in between natural and relaxed.To braid tiny braids, I would have to
sacrifice time and maneuvering so I just decided to just curl my hair. I basically
curled in some bangs over a generous portion of my forehead. Then I took the sides
and curled the ends up in very small sections. I curled the middle going right,but
all the way down to the scalp. These were little curls too. The reason why I made
the curls little was because it looks a lot prettier this way.

The middle back I curled it under, then the lower back I curled it up for the flip look.I then got some tiny rollers to support
my short hair. This hairstyle looked so fitting on me. It was
made for my oval shaped head. I had been looking for something
easy I could do on my hair that looked amazing and creative at
the same time. Well, well well! I got that combo in this one
hairstyle. Then I got my fitting dress with the hole designs.

This inspiration came from God. It almost as if it’s
a bob hairstyle, but there are a trillion ways to shape up that
bob. This hairstyle is very lady-like and pritsy. It’s as if I
transformed for the better with this hairstyle. I think it could
definitely get a popular vote. Yet, i don’t try to rock everything.
I wear what’s my style. It’s a style with a purpose, nice and
neat with a ribbon like curls, much style, and variations.The
way the curls work together is like a band or a quartet.
Thanks for reading! Questions? Comments? I’m ready!

You’ll lose More Weight doing Water Aerobics than Regular Aerobics! Plus, more benefits!

4/365 Light weight!

I love water. No one can duck and dive in it like Rihanna
in her video Umbrella. I love swimming, how it feels and
how elegant it looks.

Water aerobics is a great type of aerobic work out.
This is one way for you peeps to stay fit and healthy
without sweating your core out. It’s also a way to
avoid stressing your body.

Dig this, water reduces the effect that gravity has
on your body. Therefore, stretching under water
will cause little strain on your joints and give you
greater range of motion than on land.

Water gives greater resistance to your movements
than air does. Thus, you burn more calories when
doing aerobics in water. This type of resistance
will raise your muscular endurance and cardiovascular

The buoyancy provided by water will give you better
balance, posture, and flexibility, and thus lessening
your capability for injury. Studies show that waist
deep water supports 50% of your weight and
chest deep water even more at 90% of body weight.
THis is what makes water aerobics very
beneficial for people with arthritis, osteoporosis,
joint problems or back pain.

Water has a massaging effect on your muscles. This
gives water aerobics the power to let our your tension
and stress in your muscles. So if you want to calm
and soothe that body of yours, you can always
give water aerobics a try.

Water aerobics blends body movements and dance
routines. You can put music to it. COme on
and come up people! Jazz it up!

Even if you a pregnant woman, you can benefit
from water aerobics low impact routine. This will
comfort you in your labor period and delivery. It will
help ya’ll recover and lose those additional pounds
gained during pregnancy very fast. Yet, like
any excercise, it’s always best to ask your
doctor if it’s okay to do.

Now we all know, there’s kicking, punching
and dancing on air, but how many people actually
have or want to try water aerobics? If so get
ready for a beautiful fireworks type of display.
It sounds like much fun, wanna try?