The Marvelous 6 techniques for deep conditioning natural hair!

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Deep conditioning! Let it echo in your mind if you will. I love deep conditioning.  I notice when the hairstylist deep conditions
my hair, which has trouble smoothing out, it comes out smooth
and refreshed. Then I feel refreshed. My heart would just like to dance in the glory of my freshly styled hair.

Anyways, deep conditioning takes a truly essential role in the survival of coily hair. Coily hair NEEDS rich moisture since it is the most likely to be dry. Due to the fact that the circumference of coily hair is smaller than curly hair, the sebum of the scalp takes longer to go down the hair shaft. Therefore, since sebum takes a long time to get from roots to ends, you need to prevent dryness and breakage. Deep conditioners are full of proteins, lubricants, and oils to help your hair maintain elasticity, prevent breakage, and give hair back its strength. Now, for the 6 top tips for deep condtioning and washing your hair.

– Use an all natural conditioner Deep conditioning is used to rejuvenate your hair since it’s been
under pressure from manipulation and weather elements. Seek
a deep conditioner that doesn’t have non-suluble silicones, non-permeable oils, and drying alcohols. This will give your hair the opportunity to take in more nutrients and lower the chances of getting product build up. Natural conditoners are the best way to avoid decreasing your strand’s absorption capacity.

– Behentrimonium chloride This is a cationic surfactant that gives your hair that slip while you detangle. Coily hair typically interwine, but moreso when activated
with water. Slip is needed. Behentrimonium chloride gives your
hair that slip that is just as helpful as silicones without the product

– Penetrating oils Avocado oil, coconut oil, and olive oil are three oils that
penetrate the hair shaft and get to the cortex. Oils help to slow
down the rate at which moisture is loss from the hair.

-Hyrdolized proteinsThese proteins are proteings that have been set up to seap into the cuticle and fill in the cortex.  They help hair bounce back from weare and tear. It replaces protein that get lost in manipulation. CurlyNikki’s Finding Your Perfect Deep Condtioner-THe Ultimate Guide is a wonderful reference to a collection of hydrolized proteins and more information.

-Use heat Deep conditioning with a processing cap under a hooded dryer is ideal.  It would be best to stay under the dryer for at least 15 minutes. It takes longer to absorb the conditioners nutrients without confined heat? Again, that’s why my hair comes out refreshed when
deep conditioned.The heat expands the hair shaft and gives the conditioner more availability to seap through. In addition to that, it helps certain ingredients bond to the cuticle.

-Cool water It helps to rinse your hair with cool water after deep conditioning. This step helps to close the culture. Rinsing with warm water re-opens the hair shaft and lose nutrients you just put into your hair. If you find a time where moisturizing and sealing don’t work and your hair keeps laughing at your co-wash conditonder, it is now time to deep condition. The body needs water to be hydrated. Product build up and synthetic ingredients are not the best way to hydrate.

Well I certainly enjoyed the read. I can’t wait to try these methods because it’s been a long journey and I want some  extra special results.



17 factors that cause hair dryness!


Why does the hair get dry? What are you doing to cause your
hair to be dry? I do have dry hair so I’m just starting
to use doo gro on my hair. I used to have dandruff,
but guess what? I haven’t seen any snowflakes in my
hair lately. (Snowflakes is another word I use
to represent dandruff.)
Check out the list of things that cause
dry hair.

1. Using harsh shampoos
2. Shampooing too often
3. Infrequent use of conditioners
4. Synthetic hair dyes
5. Harsh relaxers
6. Exposure to Isopropyl alcohol
7. Chlorine
8. Washing with hot water
9. Overuse of blow drying or curling iron
10. Too much exposure to the sun and wind

Internal factors that causes dry hair is:

1. Diet
2. Cancer treatment
3. Certain medications
4. Prolonged illness
5. Prolonged dehydration

Now you have the problem, work on the solution. There are
many ways to deal with hair. Just make sure that
you don’t do it the wrong way if you don’t want
to see the wrong result. Dryness is an irritation.
Dry hair, dry skin is all an irritation and
can be very uncomfortable. Though the key sentence
is “What are you going to do about it?’ Have you made
any of the mistakes above? If so, I’m glad to
inform you.

The 4 types of curls you can get with curling irons!

1980 "Black Barbie" repro Steffie in SiS #2

What’s better than curls to get your hair attention? In
my opinion, curls top all hairstyles. Curls go straight
to number one and keep the number one spot.Do you curl
your own hair? Do you have a professional do it? It’s
all up to your capabilities and wants! Curls get me in the
mood to dance and dress up. It doesn’t have to be a
special occasion for me to get my hair done. I want my
hair done all day everyday like people want money!

Well, enough about that.Did you think about the
many ways you can curl your hair with a curling
iron? They got something for everyone.
Are you the type that likes big waves, slight
waves, big curls, or tight curls? Curling
irons can achieve all of this.

For big waves:

Use a curling iron that is 2 inches in diameter. This
will give you large loose waves in longer hair. This
will smooth short hair though. Wrap big sections
around iron to smooth. Wrap small sections of hair
to create waves.

For Slight waves:

A curling iron that is 1 and a half inches in diameter
will create beautiful soft waves. And here’s a tip:
Curl small sections of hair with the curling iron,
then clip your hair to your heaad. When cool,
release pins and glide your fingers through the hair.

For big curls,

The size used to create large curls is about 3 quarters
to one inch in diameter. Here’s another tip: Spritz
small sections with mousse, then wrap them around iron
and hold for five seconds. Release curling iron,
then let it cool. Use your fingers to separate curls.

For tight curls,

Use a 3/8ths curling iron. They give a ringlet effect. A tip
with this is to wrap small sections from ends to roots in a
spiral. Hold it for five seconds. Release curl, then let cool
..spritz with hairspray. Do not touch!

In summary of the distinctive ways to curl hair, here is one of
my quotes:

“A woman’s hair is like her jewelry-prized and made for a pictorial”.

My opinion on this:

I vote for the tight curls. I want definition in my curls. I want
something that is obvious across the room, those kind of curls.
I desire an assortment of curly hairstyles. I won’t limit myself
to just one hairstyle. I deserve to be pampered so I will cosset.
If you know learn anything about me, know that I’m adamant about
getting my hair done.

6 steps to long lasting curls!

Halle Berry (la vraie...)

I want my hair to bend and curl like it’s flexing muscles.
Curly hair suits my personality, girly! I want my curls whether they
are crinkle or crimps, or regular curls. Just give me some curls and
I want to keep them. I’ll treat them like a souvenir, a keepsake.
Curls are like diamonds, very valuable. I want curls so bad so
my hairstylist and I always oblige. I mean forget braids. I’m
focused on my curls. Don’t you just want to experiment with curls and
see what you get? Well take the following steps:

– Use a curling shampoo suitable to your hair type. This will give
you a curl boosting power and hair nourishment.

-Use a curl enhancing gel geared towards your hair type. Make
sure the company caters to your hair type.

-Dry your hair with a diffuser to help avoid the annoying frizz
that can sometimes create pessimists.

-Add in a protective hair spray so it will protect your hair from
heat damage in curling irons, hot rollers, and flat irons.

-Curl. Use your favorite curling tool to get the curls you want
so bad.

-Last, get a firm and flexible finishing spray for your bouncy

With that said:
You can keep your hair, cut it, or add in. It’s your choice
ofcourse. Hair is just that dang on versatile.

Having beautiful hair is a delectation, a thrill, a self indulgance,
so indulge and indulge, and indulge some more. As far as I’m
concerned getting my hair done makes life more exciting.

Here’s a tip:
Whatever curlers you use, be careful with them. Be careful to get
advice from a professional about the heat that goes on your hair.
I want you to keep your hair looking super fantastic and at the
same time maintain your length. If you can do that, you get the
gold! Have a pleasant day and have fun with your hair!

A few ways hot rollers make curls last!

What’s one of the most annoying things about hair? Well, besides
breakage, it’s when the curls come out.I really don’t love braids
as much as I love curls. I’m a curl addict, heavily dependent
on curls for a style. Curls are mature looking and so pretty.
Curls give the hair its design and profluency. So instead of losing the curls in one day,two days, or even three days, we need something that will last. I had a hairstylist that said she could
make my curls last a week, even two weeks. She has proven herself to me.

Hot rollers give your hair instant curls
that you love. Here’s how:

• Do take inventory of your hot roller set. Observe the various sizes of the rollers and how many of each size you have.

• Realize that smaller rollers hold a small amount of
hair. They will also give a tighter curl. The larger the
roller, the looser the curls.

• The longer the hot rollers are left in the hair,
the better the curl will be.

• Test a curl after two minutes. Take out one of
the rollers and see if the curl is as desirable as you’d
like. If you want your curls to be tighter, replace the
roller nd test again in another minute.

• Before you remove the rollers, lightly spray
hairspray over them and then carefully remove the
rollers. Remove each roller, one at a time. Let it
release into a ringlet form instead of the haphaz-
ardly way. The light spray over the hair helps the
curls stay in longer. Use you fingers to comb and
blend the curls.

• Spray the last application of hairspray.

I’m just saying, life is alot better when you can lie down and
wake up to curls. Curls are perky and very attractive. They
give dull hair that undeniable spice and volume. Let’s go get
some curls. If we can curl our own hair and make it last
great! Otherwise, find a professional to get your hair to
it’s highest potential! Won’t that be fun?