A Review of the HOt and Hotter Professionals Curling Iron- It doesn’t keep the curls!



I have been in search of a curling iron that can make my hair silky smooth

with a nice collection of curls.I want something defined and will show my

curls for who they are. Therefore, I used Hot and Hotter Professionals

electric curling iron and what did I get? Again, what did I get? I had small

curls, yet it reverted right back to the natural texture. I was thinking that

the word professionals in the title would make it work. I was driven by

this title.Well the title didn’t help this time!

    My curls fell out and there was much disorganization in my hair. It didn’t

say ceramic curling iron, It said electric curling iron. I’m going around asking

people what’s the best curling iron or flat iron. They say look for a ceramic


      The Hot and Hotter Professionals electric curling iron is not good for my

naturally coarse specific hair. So now, I will try something else and get back

to you. This was the same  curling iron I got from the beauty supply store too.

and two thumbs down to the curling iron! I didn’t like my curls falling out because

after that I didn’t know what to do with my hair. I need something stronger for my

afro textured hair. Any experiences with this brand? Feel free to share or comment

if you’d like. Thanks a bunch!


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