The Greatest Love to have: Tobias Truvillion is a black actor/model who says he loves BLACK WOMEN!! He’s featured on Essence!


There’s nothing more powerful than black men who love black women. I
swear, the black couples are the most watched, the most envied!
I mean with all the best features of a black women and all the best
features of black men, it’s a knockout combination! So haters can step back!

This is why I had to spotlight Tobias Truvillion. He increased
the female fanbase of Anton Fuqua’s violent thriller Brooklyn’s
Finest. He’s got a new movie on the prow and a spot in the
OFF Broadway play “Black Angels Over Tuskegee. HE came
to Essence to brag about the fact that loves BLACK WOMEN.

He stays in NEW York. He was raised by his grandmother
and explains how he’s an old soul.

He’s a model too,black women! He got into
entertainment via modeling. He chose acting to be an
individual and sees it as a way to express himself.

He is scheduled to appear in the film “The Tested”
this fall. His character is a gangster with morals.
But in real life we can see how much a gentlemen
he looks like Black women.

Do ya’ll cook? He loves to eat. He’s quality at making
breakfast…He’s got a charisma that just stuck on him..

Tobias Truvillion with the most distinctive wonderful
and charming name says he loves black women because
we’re beautiful and we have that fire. He is there rooting
for us BLACK WOMEN, fighting for us if he sees something
he don’t like.

He comes with gifts and flowers and he cooks for her.
He made a card for a woman on the first date…
And who doesn’t love a creative man? I mean if a man
can take time to make something for you…that means
he’s really thoughtful.

So BLACK WOMEN, he’s waiting for you!!! This way